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A pertinent John Lennon quote we like:


Join us for a 2-minute summary ride around the globe.
(Hint: Go full screen by clicking YouTube logo at bottom right of video.
Music: Gilles Vigneault [link]

Airbrushing done in Texas in a rush.
Not the best but good enough. People actually do log onto the site ...

Who knew Black Bike would look this good 90,000 km RTW later?

I expected to leave bits, or all of it, in various countries ...

The happy ending is it looks and runs like it never left N America.
OK, so it cost some $5,000 to get it pretty again, but ...
no new paint & drive train is like new.


Ayers Rock Australia

Chiang Mai Thailand

Somewhere in remote parts of Laos


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2. Photos/video
......Early blogs have few photos (goofed up using new camera.)
......Some video is included, done with a still camera in movie mode.

3. Suggestions or anything else
......This is written on the road, between rides.
......Comments/suggestions are very welcome! Anything to add? Disagree?
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(A) Gov't "Travel Advisory" countries visited – dangerous?
(B) Corruption in, and Freedom of, all countries visited.
. . .We were given a list of 'travel advisory countries' prior to departure.
. . .Here are Canada's & USA's "Advisory" countries in this part of the world.
. . .We rode through most of them:
. . .. . .- Libya (crossed it)
. . .. . .- Syria (crossed it twice)
. . .. . .- Iran (crossed it)
. . .. . .- Pakistan (crossed it)
. . .. . .- India (some of it)
. . .. . .- Bangladesh (wanted to, but there's no way out heading east)
. . .. . .- Myanmar (brief visit but could not obtain a drive-through visa)
. . .. . .- Thailand (crossed it)
. . .. . .- Cambodia (crossed it)
. . .. . .- Indonesia (crossed it)
. . .We travelled them keeping advisories in mind, but no serious problems.
. . .Not all are to everyone's taste, but we liked most.
. . .Compare these "advisories" with our first-hand experiences.

. . .Click image below for a list of countries visited/planned,
. . .with their objective 'Corruption' & 'Freedom' rankings by NGOs
. . .. . .Transparency International [source link] of Berlin and
. . .. . .Freedom House [source link] of Washington DC.

. . .Not sitting on a moralistic pulpit here; we really liked some of the
. . .'worst ranking' places – but these are interesting aspects
. . .to know. Also interesting how the economies correlate ...

. . .Do not take poor rankings as discouragement from visiting;
. . .we are so pleased we went to all these places with open eyes.
. . .Merely another aspect of local reality.
. . .We got slightly burned by corruption/freedom in a few places, see blogs.
. . .But them's the minor occupational hazards.


Pakistan, following our Army escort at 45˚C = 113˚F

Bangkok Buddhas 'n Black Bike

Thao at Golden Temple, Amritsar India
Wheezy Rider in Sicily

Ah, the romance:
Wheezy writing this blog in cold hotel in Tunisia.

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  1. Thanks for posting your comment on Ben Viccari's Canscene blog, Peter. Good observations, well expressed, as usual.

    Best wishes as your ride resumes. Happy trails.

  2. Hi friend.

    Have a Nice DAY

  3. Paul Esquivel4/23/09, 3:07 PM

    This journey is all you. You look content but I think I have more hair...maybe.

    "Many of us are our own map and compass while others only have the stars as reference. Others walk with the knowing life is so large they cannot miss it."

    Paul Esquivel, Author of "Where the Light Bends"

    PS Rosemary says hello

  4. Dear Peter,
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  5. Bonjour,
    Je vous ai découvert sur xbhp avec l'article de Krishnendu Kes. Je vais essayer de vous suivre régulièrement car cela m'intéresse de savoir dans quelles conditions on peut voyager sur une moto confortable dans certains pays et dans quelles régions on peut aller.
    Bon voyage. A bientôt.

  6. Dear Peter,
    First of all, wish you a wonderfull Touring Of Rajasthan, specially to our Friend Trivikram's Palace. It was just great doing the major servicing & repairs onto your bike since you left Canada on your world trip. Seems Metzellers are doing great. Just awaiting for reception back to KRP Workshop for minor check-ups and finally crating for this Lovely Beauty On Wheels. We are ready for that. Infact things are arranged for your Welcome Reception Visit at Honda Motorcycle Factory.........Happy Biking.....Kaulson Racing (KRP)

  7. HI Peter and Thao

    I loved reading the wonderful article about the two of you in India. I hope you get more press!

    Brian Glow

  8. hi how are you, i visit your blog and i like it very much, you and your teacher i think, i am from Pakistan, i have a blog join me at, i want to visit your country, i love Canada really

  9. Hi Peter and Thao,
    I found your super blog thanks to Ian Cardwell. Copngratulations on an interesting and informative blog.

    Currently I am enjoying catching up on older posts but also look forward to seeing more as you progress.

    Kind regards,

  10. Welcome to our little 2-wheeled world Chris, thanks for commenting. You'll see Ian added lots of useful goodies at the very start, all of which are still 100% after 50,000 km ... FYI will be improving many of the earlier blogs as we get time, so check back in a couple months. I think the later ones are better, as we get the hang of blogging. Please comment on anything you encounter good/bad in your reading! Cheers -Peter

  11. Super website! You should turn it all into a book when you get back to Canada. Hoping to hear from above Chris Knight soon. Good to have met you in MaeSai & hope you are back soon. David Learmonth

  12. Ta David ... Great to meet you & Fon, we'll try to get back in your stunning part of the world again after Cambodia. But how de hell do you in Thailand happen to know David Knight in UK? He found us via Ian Cardwell, a Wing Wiz who helped us a lot ... world is small even/especially (?) on 2 wheels! - WR