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Hard to believe where Black Bike has taken us, quite a ride!
In front of a motel close to our home (waited out renos, tenants' move-out.)
What a shock - Black Bike made it and looks almost like new.

Make yours @


Bill and Donna Andersen (that's not Donna in the picture!): Bill's an artist extraordinaire, former ad/marketing exec, good bud, true Mac expert who was perhaps my fav Mac Store customer in the early 90's; we'd met through childhood friend Jay Telfer who sadly passed on, way prematurely, last year while we were in Asia. Donna's a freelance consulting dietitian for special cases – even occasional movie stars we learned.

Took Bill & Donna for a ride, gave them each a short G-Force thrill
to BB's red line, hopefully causing nightmares for years. They loved it.
Greatest folks. Big followers/fans of The RTW Ride.
That's their finely reno'd Beaches house in background.

Bill did all those amazing slide shows linked to in this blog at the upper left side column, just because he enjoyed doing it. A lot of high-end work, what a great guy; lucky us and our blog readers.

West-End Toronto Resto Find: Post-ride reunion had a superb meal together at a highly recommended Toronto Beaches district restaurant: Vi Ventha Bistro [link.]

Recommend a Toronto Beaches resto in a world travel blog? There are zillions of superb ones all over town, just name your price. But this one really jumps out for us as a frequent go-back: It's that good, for our tastes anyhow. Neighbourhood-type place with real tablecloths; maybe four-star actual food, simple but nice decor where our jeans were fine, zero pretensions or 'tude – the latter spoils a meal for us. That seafood vodka-cream pasta I had, al dente perfection, monster shrimp, lobster tail, juicy scallops – never had better. Everyone else raved too. Giant rack of ribs Bill/Donna shared. Everything is very reasonably priced too, wines included. Go there!

One of our finer meals of the two-year trip! In Toronto! Who'd have guessed? Of course great company helps food taste even better.


Our 15 minutes of fame:
TV interview of BB, Thao & Wheezy
Rogers News June 10, 2101

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