LUXEMBOURG: Just passin' thru ...

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Luxembourg [map link]: Amongst a gaggle of bikes parked in the nice town square, we met Marc Dusatko on a trike, who turns out to be manager of the very nice 4-star bike-friendly Euro Hotel [link]. He gave us a discounted €65 price (normally €90) to make up for the 13 km drive which we did later that night after driving the charming town for a couple hours.

Luxembourg itself [photos link], well, it's perhaps the teensiest actual country on earth, 2-3 hours' driving around the mountainous town was enough for us.

It has the world's second highest GDP per capita from tax-sheltered banking – it is worth seeing and exploring a bit if you are driving in the area anyhow.
Flashback: At 18, rode a little $50 ultra-cool VeloSolex [photo link] the 350 km @ 10-20 kph, from Luxembourg to Paris [map link]. Dear uncle Joe Williams took the little bike and me there in his car; but the ride back to Paris, talk about a sore butt! But even as an impecunious teen, recall thinking en route, 'if only I could afford a bigger bike' ...
After Luxemburg took small country roads, nice riding towards the Black Forest.

One bonus was in Mettlach Germany [map link] we chanced upon the Villeroy & Boch [link] kitchen factory outlet store. Pretty major if you love your kitchen as we do. We coveted a beautiful cutlery set, were going to buy it at way below the at-home price; mailing on a Sunday was impossible, carrying it on the bike impossible, the staff was not interested in helping us out of this earth-shattering dilemma. So we didn't get it – but we may go back if feasible, its a nice store! If you go there, I bet you buy something(s).


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